Daily Game Idea Challenge

Day ...


Today's theme is ....


  • Theme above is your imaginary game jam theme.
  • Come up with a workable idea for this theme.
  • Create a design document, mock up or any other artifact explaining your idea.
  • The artifact doesn't have to be exhaustive, but should contain enough information to understand your idea and start working on an actual game.
  • You may create any number of artifacts for any number of ideas.


If you're anything like me, every Ludum Dare you struggle to come up with interesting ideas. I started this challenge to exercise this particular phase of game jams without the need to make an actual game.

Where are the themes from?

Mostly from the past Weekly Game Jams and Ludum Dare. Some are from my own head.

How to join?

For now, just post your ideas on twitter with hashtag #dailygameidea if you want.